Thursday, April 23, 2009

Werra: weird, but I will not chase it

My dear friends, please be sure, I will not buy this camera: anyway, it’s very cheap on eBay.


Werra was a sort of a unique camera that it was developed and released by not Zeiss-Ikon but lens manufacturer, Carl-Zeiss Jena. It was well-known in Europe around 1950 to 1960.

The noteworthy feature of this camera is a way of winding the film.
On Werra, there is no film wind lever. Instead, the film is winded with the ring at the base of the lens. This is how it works: Turning this ring clockwise about 60 degrees transports the film to the next exposure, and also it charges the shutter. Winding operation of this is very smooth and easy.
For the shutter is charged at the same time as the film is transported to the next by turning the ring, there in no need to worry about the double exposures, but on the other hand, multiple exposures are not taken with this camera.

One other feature of this is a unique design of its appearance: buttons and other projections on operation around the camera body was omitted as much as possible, and its body design impresses a large number of people.

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