Thursday, April 16, 2009

Poladroid [?]


«POLADROID»  generates images the same way than a Polaroid™ would do (Polaroid™-like). It produces high-defnition images (400 dpi) with the real aspect of a Polaroid™ and perfectly suitable for printing.

UsingPoladroid is straightforward: just drag an drop any JPEG directly on the icon of Poladroid and wait until the image appears... slowly... very slowly. POLADROID is an unusual software, completely crazy, which reproduces all the strange behaviours of a popular picture camera with its unique result but... so much copied: the Polaroid!

The resulting images reproduce all imperfections of a real POLAROID photo, such as:
- colour shifting and vignetting
- having to wait to get the result... can you believe this in a fast-running world?
- processing limitation of 10 images in a raw... yes, a Polaroid cardridge only contains 10 flms! You’ll have to quit the application and relaunch iit to be able to process 10 more fles.

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