Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Analogue Photographic Society and other oddities…

"I don't think, film will be completely dead,
but it could possibly become one of the most
luxurious things in the years to come."
Toshihiro Oshima

2803092108_9e3b914085_oTHIAPS, "The International Analogue Photographic Society" is a platform for photographers who love the tactile quality of film-based images, who enjoy the wet and warm smell of developers and fixative, with a strong believe that ”Film is not dead it just smells funny".
For those who create their photographs with 35mm, rollfilms, sheets and plates, with Polaroid or Liquid Light, with Large Format or any tool whatsoever, as long as chemical processing is involved.

linkmemberA flickr group for photographers who are NOT using a digital camera.
35mm, 6x6, Polaroid, pinhole, holga, color black and white, whatever, even Liquid Light as long it is not digitally shot.

logoPolaroid is transforming itself from an analog Instant Film Production Company to a global Consumer Electronics and Digital Imaging company. Production of analog Instant Film stopped in June 2008, closing the factories in Mexico (Instant Packfilm production) and the Netherlands (Instant Integral production).

Impossible b.v. has been founded with the concrete aim to re-invent and re-start production of analog INTEGRAL FILM for vintage Polaroid cameras. Therefore Impossible b.v. has acquired the complete film production equipment in Enschede (NL) from Polaroid, has signed a 10-year lease agreement on the factory building; and has engaged the most experienced team of Integral Film experts worldwide.

The Impossible mission is NOT to re-build Polaroid Integral film but (with the help of strategic partners) to develop a new product with new characteristics, consisting of new optimised components, produced with a streamlined modern setup. An innovative and fresh analog material, sold under a new brand name that perfectly will match the global re-positioning of Integral Films.


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