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Trenitalia ci discrimina

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Sign for Trenitalia ci discrimina

A new version of AmigaOS

Ars reviews the latest and greatest update to the little OS that could: AmigaOS 4.1. (actually, I just wanted the Amiga ball to appear in my blog).

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Big Picture never disappoints

The Big Picture from the Boston Globe's online features several galleries of large images including an excellent set of night time aerials from London photographer Jason Hawkes.

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Medium format never dies!

Leaf launches all new medium format camera line‐up
in response to photographers’ wish list of must‐have features.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Breathtaking Lego Taj Mahal

The famous Taj Mahal jewel of India is known all over the globe for its incredible beauty and elegance. Now you can recreate this modern wonder of the world for yourself! Designed for experienced builders, the LEGO Taj Mahal model features advanced building techniques, rare elements and colors, and realistic details of architecture. With over 5,900 pieces, the Taj Mahal makes an awesome addition to any LEGO collection!

Friday, September 5, 2008


CGTextures strives to be the worlds best texture site. If you have stumbled on this site by accident and are wondering who needs all these weird pictures of brick walls and other materials, take a look in the user gallery to see what these textures are used for.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Nel nuovo sito di, maggiore sito di vendita di libri online italiano, la categoria fumetti (per essere precisi, Fumetti e Umorismo) si trova sotto Sport e Tempo Libero. Sigh. Rifatevi gli occhi con la zona BD di

Google Chrome review and screenshots

Google Chrome is an open source browser based on Webkit and powered by Google Gears. It was accidentally announced prematurely on September 1, 2008 and slated for release the following day. It premiers originally on Windows only, with Mac and Linux versions to come later.

Features include:

* Tabbed browsing where each tab gets its own process, leading to faster and more stable browsing. If one tab crashes, the whole browser doesn’t go down with it
* A distinct user interface that places tabs on top of the browser window instead of right below the address bar
* An “incognito” mode that lets you browse the web in complete privacy because it doesn’t record any of your activity
* A new JavaScript engine built from the ground up for speed
* Malware and phishing lists that automatically update themselves and warn you of bad websites
* A default homepage that displays your most commonly used sites and other personalized information

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