Monday, July 20, 2009

Nice idea, horrible name


Geavity makes it easy to see what your friends have, what others with similar gear say and recommend. Geavity introduces our members to our global community of photographers and encourages them to share their passions with their friends and peers. Geavity is the first social site focused on photography gear and will continue to innovate to bring together the world's photographers.

Our mission
is to enhance the experience of photographers throughout the world by connecting them via the gear that they own and care about.
Center of Geavity
Geavity's members can:
  • build gear profile to showcase their gear to their friends and to the world
  • explore and discover gear that are popular in their trusted circles of friends
  • influence peers by rating and discussing gear online
  • discuss and learn from people with similar gear
  • get realtime updates on what gear their friends has just added

Friday, July 3, 2009

Moblin: a First Look at Intel's Open-Source OS


What's so exciting about the netbook platform is that it gives operating system designers a chance to start again.

They can forget the old-fashioned metaphor of the desktop interface that's been around since the 1970s. They can even abandon the file system concept. Instead, they can create an operating system quite simply geared-up for online activities. The computer becomes a gateway. It ceases to be an end in itself.

Moblin is an example of a platform from which you can launch your online adventures, whatever they may be. It's a jumping off point. It's the ultimate tool for online activities. It entirely shifts the user's focus to online activities, but that's cool because it's where practically all users spend their time.

Microsoft products just don't come close. It's laughable to even think they might. Microsoft is just too tied to the old-fashioned metaphors and ways of working, and could never have produced Moblin. Not in a million years. Technologies like Moblin are just one more nail in the coffin of the Redmond giant.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New great Wired Blog


With a great story:

(Comic Book) Reading is Fundamental

Some of my best friends as a kid wore capes. No, I’m not talking about my neighborhood pals Eddie, Gary or Ethan. Well, sure, we all dressed up as superheroes at some point I’m sure. But what I’m referring to are the caped crusaders, the men of steel, the  living legends who filled my head with stories of sacrifice and glory. Yes, I most definitely grew up on comics.