Wednesday, March 11, 2009

FREE editors and IDEs for Java, JSP, PHP, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript and other languages

spp810java Modelworks provides a family of customizable products with a script-based architecture for editing text files and developing desktop and Internet applications. Our current products are JPad Pro and SitePad Pro. Both products include basic Java support that uses Sun's JDK/SDK to compile and run. SitePad Pro includes all the features of JPad Pro plus support for XPath, VRML, C# and other .NET languages. You can download an evaluation version from the downloads page. A free license is available.

A key goal for our products is to make it easy for you to work with many different file types. Syntax coloring makes it easy to identify key words, comments and strings. Code folding (outlining) lets you see the overall structure of a file by hiding sections you don't need to work with. Tabs let you switch quickly between editors. Split windows and multiple windows of the same file are available options. The Full Screen feature can be configured to show both menus and toolbars. A reformat command is available to cleanup indentation. Support for all code pages, including ANSI, UNICODE and UTF-8 encodings, lets you edit in any language.

The workspace panel provides access to help, tools (scripts) and multiple views of projects, folders, and open files. Open files are listed in the windows menu, in a windows dialog, in a workspace open files panel, and visible in the tabbed editor panel. The built-in help system provides content, index, search, and favorites panels that let you quickly look up information in html based document sets (such as APIs in javadocs). You can build your own index files using scripts or download pre-built index files from our site. See theUpdates page for a list of available index files.

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