Monday, February 9, 2009

Flip Mino HD

Last addition to my cameras and camcorders collection, was needed as part of the HD chain I'm putting in place.
Samsung LCD TV + Mac Mini + another Mac + MovieHD + Flip Mino HD.
More info here. And don't miss David Pogue review here. Conclusions: "Now, you can’t sell 1.5 million of something without attracting rivals. The Kodak Zi6, the RCA Small Wonder EZ300HD and the Creative Vado HD, for example, are all similar in concept and either available now or coming soon. Most have features the Mino HD lacks. But none is likely to have quite the combination of small size, polished built-in software, customizability and high video quality of the Mino HD. On top of all of its other superlatives, here’s another title that this pocketable hi-def cam deserves: most likable."

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